Subaru Warranty

Subaru Warranty

Subaru Warranty

We are always proud to give you the best warranty on our supreme Subaru vehicles within our dealership. This is because we operate with great integrity here and seek to provide each customer with the best experience possible. Our Subaru warranty covers a wide range of aspects, so your model is safe and secure for the future. It means that you will attain access to features like the servicing of surface corrosion for 36 months, and that's just the start.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Subaru Have A Good Warranty?

Subaru offers an excellent warranty available when thinking about purchasing a Subaru model. We are committed to excellence when it comes to any given model. At Subaru of Orillia, we seek to provide you with the highest quality and longevity on all vehicles, and our warranty is a reflection of this commitment. You can purchase from us with a sense of peace, knowing that all the critical bases are covered. Each aspect of your Subaru can come covered under warranty for more extended periods, and the warranty will cover you for the long term, so you can get things fixed if issues arise.

How Long Is a Subaru Under Warranty?

The warranty on any given model will last for three years or 50,000 kilometres. The Subaru warranty offers enough time for you to enjoy the vehicle without any problems, and it will provide you with security for the future. Providing confidence knowing that your car comes covered for at least three years is good to know before purchasing. There is also a power train warranty that extends to five years, which is worth nothing. Overall, it's worth getting a Subaru for its high quality and longevity when it comes to the road. You can attain more confidence knowing that it's ready to tackle challenges for years with durability.

Did Subaru Extend The Warranty?

We are proud to offer you a Subaru model with a trustworthy warranty regarding many aspects of any model at Subaru of Orillia. Subaru is currently offering customers the ability to extend their warranty for an additional six months. Extending your warranty can be an advantage that gives you a solid half-year extra in addition to the current three years. The transmission warranty program has also been extended for the convenience of all customers. Here you will find an excellent bargain for a Subaru with a comprehensive warranty extended for your benefit. You will be able to drive in peace knowing you're vehicle is covered for longer.

What Does A Subaru Warranty Cover?

A Subaru warranty covers all the most critical elements of your vehicle, and the first one includes basic and major car components for 36 months. There are a few different warranties to consider as well. They include surface corrosion, anti-perforation, emission control system warranty, and overall parts and accessories. You have to determine which one is right for you, but the base warranty covers all the essential parts which keep your ride running smoothly. A Subaru warranty will cover the most critical elements of your vehicle.

Financing Options

Here at Subaru of Orillia, we offer several financing options to consider through our Finance Centre, such as car loans or leasing. Schedule your service appointment to find the right solutions to your vehicle, and we will help you expediently. Our lot is also full of new inventory to browse while you're here. We will give you the right financing options to succeed, along with excellent warranties that will cover you. Our sales professionals are waiting to enlighten you on the possibilities. Contact us to gain access to a great new vehicle today.

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