Subaru Recalls in Orillia, Ontario

Subaru Recalls

Vehicle recalls is when a vehicle has been manufactured and found to have a defect in the manufacturing process. Vehicle recalls typically are done when there is an issue with airbags, brakes, or other car parts. The recall begins when specific government agencies receive information from customers, car dealerships, or automakers about a defect in the car. The car manufacturer will investigate those allegations, and if they find information supporting a possible safety defect, they will communicate with dealerships about their results.

What are Subaru cars being recalled?

To find out of your Subaru vehicle is being recalled, you first must follow the Subaru manufacturer's recommendation and keep your car in good condition. To get your Subaru fixed, contact Subaru of Orillia to schedule a service appointment. It is always best not to brush off the recall until the deadline for your car to be repaired. Always remember to have the recall fixed by an authorized Subaru dealer. While recalls can feel like a hassle, it is better than dealing with an accident-causing injury related to the recall itself. You can enter the 17-digit VIN of your vehicle to see if your car has any recalls.

Subaru Service Centre in Orillia, Ontario

If you have any recalls to your vehicle, our Service Centre at Subaru of Orillia in Orillia, Ontario, can assist you with all the repairs needed to keep your car on the road. Just come in and visit us at Subaru of Orillia or schedule a service appointment to have your vehicle's recall fixed. We are the premier Subaru dealership in Collingwood, Barre, Wasaga, Gravenhurst and Sunshine City and offer exceptional service from our factory-trained staff. Book your appointment today to have your vehicle checked and serviced today.