Subaru EyeSight

Subarus are known for their outstanding safety, and models equipped with the EyeSight safety technologies take safety to a whole new level. The Top Safety Pick was awarded to many Subaru models with EyeSight Driver Assist Technologies. They also received a Superior rating for front crash prevention, which is the highest rating possible.

Subaru EyeSight Features

1) Adaptive Cruise Control


Subaru models equipped with EyeSight include Adaptive Cruise Control, which comes in handy when highway traffic is less than ideal. The cruise control is activated, and the speed is set through the steering wheel switch. However, since traffic seldom moves at a steady speed, EyeSight adapts to the flow of traffic. EyeSight will automatically maintain the following distance, smoothly slowing if traffic slows and reaccelerating to the predetermined pace when traffic clears.

2) Lane Departure & Sway Warning


The Lane Departure and Sway Warning systems will warn you if your Subaru begins to wander from its lane. While the vehicle is in motion, EyeSight scans ahead, detecting road lane markers. If your vehicle begins to drift out of its lane without indicating, beeps will play, and a notice will show on the dashboard to alert you to your error. Lane Keep Assist will intervene gently to assist the vehicle in returning to its lane. Additionally, it will sound an alert and flash a light in your side mirror if it detects your vehicle going beyond the white lines.

3) Pre-Collision Throttle Management


Pre-Collision Throttle Management may assist you in avoiding colliding with anything ahead. Assume you're stuck behind another vehicle, waiting to join onto a congested highway, and searching for a gap in traffic. If you begin to accelerate because you believe the vehicle ahead has passed you, EyeSight in your Subaru may detect the risk and drastically decrease acceleration.

4) Pre-Collision Braking


While the vehicle is moving, EyeSight continuously monitors and calculates the distance to things ahead in its range of vision. If the vehicle ahead suddenly slows down, EyeSight assesses the approaching speed, sounds an alarm, and flashes a visual warning if a collision is imminent. If the driver does not apply the brakes, EyeSight will.

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