Subaru Boxer Engine

Subaru Boxer

The Subaru Boxer is an engine that strikes a total balance between power and smoothness. Here you will notice that this engine gives you more excellent handling on the road and much more stability for a rewarding driving experience. The horizontal design means that you will experience less vibration. It has been accurately constructed and placed to get optimal levels of power that leave you amazed. The pistons move horizontally, giving this vehicle a much lower center of gravity and supreme handling.

The Advantages of A Subaru Boxer Engine

You will experience an improvement in the corner stability of your ride with this engine, and it is far more intuitive on the road. This engine will give you a sharper response time to avoid certain collisions in aggressive traffic. You can make better maneuvers and get to safety quicker.

The Subaru Boxer is lightweight and specially positioned so that you can accelerate much smoother and faster. Another great advantage to this vehicle is the design of the pistons, which are horizontal. Meaning that you won’t have as much vibration, and it also preserves the integrity of the overall vehicle. Your car will run smoother overall and will also be much safer with less extensive repairs. The boxer engine will change what you thought was possible.

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