Spring Tire Swap

Spring Tire Swap

Spring Tire Swap in Orillia, ON

With winter now behind us, now's the ideal time to swap out your winter tires for a set of summer tires. Allow us to explain why drivers in the Orillia, Ontario area should book a winter tire swap at Subaru of Orillia, and why it's best to opt for summer tires at this time of year, no matter which model from our inventory you drive.

Winter Tires' Rubber Is Too Soft for Summer

The soft rubber compound of winter tires doesn't perform as well when temperatures surpass 7 degrees and can cause various issues in your vehicle, including poorer fuel economy, greater stopping distances, and lower responsiveness and steering stability. Heat also means added wear and stress for your winter tires, which could lead to blowouts if you delay your spring maintenance and winter tire swap.

Different Treads, Different Performance

Winter and summer tires are designed with different treads patterns and, naturally, perform differently. While winter tires are adept at pushing away snow and slush, they aren't designed for rain-slicked roads and thunderstorms. Summer tires, on the other hand, give you greater surface contact with the asphalt, which will prevent you from hydroplaning if ever you brave wet roads or get caught in a storm.

Stiffer Sidewalls, Reliable Handling

Unlike winter tires, both summer tires and all-seasons are designed with sidewalls that are reinforced with metal. These stiffer sidewalls give you greater stability and provide both more communicative steering and enhanced handling, so you can enjoy a more athletic and responsive ride through the summer months.

You can count on Subaru of Orillia for your summer tires and vehicle maintenance needs, and all you'll need to do is book your next appointment with our Service Centre. That's not all we have to offer, as our Finance Centre treats every consumer to flexible options and great rates to simplify your next purchase. You can also sell us your trade-in after getting it appraised through our online service to save more on your dream Subaru model. Contact us at Subaru of Orillia today for details.