Subaru of Orillia Service Department

Contact our service specialists for information about your Subaru vehicle and required maintenance. We also service all makes and models and our experienced service technicians will get it right the first time.

It is our commitment to:

  • To provide HONEST courteous service on every visit
  • To provide service excellence to all clients who come through our front door
  • To ensure you receive full operating value from your car
  • To prepare your car for seasonal changes
  • To answer any technical inquiries you may have

Subaru of Orillia service advantages:

  • Honesty
  • Provide planned preventative scheduled maintenance
  • Ability to customize for special maintenance needs if necessary (low usage, extreme usage, out of town considerations)
  • Up to date factory trained technicians
  • Car wash for every service (weather permitting)
  • Loaner vehicles available
  • Offer a full range of Subaru accessories and services (window tinting, detailing, tire sales, maintenance and storage, A/C repairs)
  • State of the art service and parts equipment
  • Alignment rack
  • E-mail specials and events (please provide us with email address if not on file)

Regular Auto Maintenance

Systems and components that should be regularly maintained on your vehicle:

  • Oil and Oil Filters
  • Air Filters
  • Brakes
  • Charging/Battery
  • Belts
  • Cooling
  • Wipers
  • Ignition
  • Shocks/Struts
  • Service Tips

Understanding your Subaru

By knowing what each of the warning lights on your instrument panel means and keeping an eye on them, you can help to avoid unexpected repairs. When you turn your key to the on position, each of the warning lights below will illuminate and stay lit for a short time after ignition to let you know that all systems are functioning properly. However, if any of these warning lights should stay lit or illuminate while you are driving, the following warning indicators and examples have the steps you should take to ensure both your safety and the performance of your Subaru.

SRS airbag system warning light
Indicates that airbags and/or seat belt pre-tensioners are not functioning properly and should be checked immediately.

Check engine warning light/malfunction indicator lamp
Indicates a problem with the emission control system. If the light comes on solid, you can drive for a period of time (this could also be due to a loose or missing fuel cap, please refer to your owner's manual). If the light flashes, stop the vehicle as soon as you can safely do so and have the vehicle towed to the closest Subaru Dealership.

Charge warning light
The charging system is not working properly; stop the vehicle as soon as you can safely do so. Have your vehicle checked/repaired immediately.

Oil pressure warning lamp
Indicates low oil level or low oil pressure; stop your vehicle as soon as you can safely do so and immediately stop the engine. Have your vehicle towed to the closest Subaru dealership.

ABS warning light
The ABS system is not functioning properly; have the ABS system repaired as soon as possible. Regular braking is still available.

Automatic transmission oil temperature warning light
If the light comes on while driving, it may indicate that the automatic transmission fluid is too hot; avoid steep grades or stop-and-go traffic. If the light flashes at start-up, it may indicate a problem in the control system; service as soon as possible.

Brake system warning light

  • The parking brake is engaged.
  • The brake system may not be working properly.
  • The brake fluid level is low. If the parking brake is in the off position and the brake fluid level is correct have the brake system inspected immediately.

Seatbelt icon image
Indicates that the driver or front passenger is not wearing their seatbelt. For safety's sake, all occupants should always wear their seatbelts.

Passenger side airbag icon
Subaru Legacy & Outback models are equipped with smart airbags. A weight sensing system in the passenger seat will turn the airbag "Off" or "On" according to the weight on the seat. If the icon shows the airbag with an X across it, there is not sufficient weight in the seat to activate the system. If the icon shows the airbag without an X across it, the airbag will deploy in the event of a frontal crash of adequate severity.