Terry Altermann


I have been a fixed operations manager in the auto sector for over 30 years. You my friend are a breath of fresh air for this business and that it so sorely needs at times. From my observations and from what I have heard in the past, you have consistently shown yourself to be a fine, outstanding individual. You care for others and have given of yourself in so many ways I have lost count. One thing is apparent. You do it because of the person that you are, and not for gain (not that it hurts when it comes though…lol…I get that). So I just want you to know, it is seen….it is noticed…people do really care about what you do and how you do it. They may not always show it but that’s not what it is all about, and you get that. And what’s in it for me to tell you this? Not one thing. And you need not respond to this. But being in this business so long and with the people experience I have, I can spot a man of character, and too often they go unnoticed. So hats off to you sir. Well done!