Karen & Dan B.

As you know we have just purchased our second Subaru Forester from Brad Benson. We understand that Brad took the time to come in on his day off to deliver our vehicle and we appreciate this very much. He made certain we were familiar with every aspect of our new Forester before leaving the lot for our enjoyable travel home in our new vehicle. It was difficult handing you back the keys to our 2006 Forester as it had been an absolutely great vehicle through the past 9 1/2 years.

A special thanks to Rick Moore for his personalized service right from day one and to his entire service team for maintaining our first Forester. We look forward to the same level of service with our new Forester. Always being treated fairly and like family made it an easy choice to buy again from Subaru of Orillia. We have recommended others and will continue to do so. Your sincerity in how you treat your customers brings us back and in turn new customers in. Subaru of Orillia defines what other dealerships strive for!