Cathy P.

Dear Brad,
I just have to express my appreciation for the excellent service I received when purchasing my “new to me” Subaru Outback. Salesman, Brad Benson’s service was above and beyond! I didn’t feel comfortable driving my old car to Barrie so Brad let me take the Subaru that night and bring it back the next day. During the worst weather we have experienced so far this winter, Brad had my car cleaned off, warmed up and ready to go when I arrived. He even made sure snow tires were put on my new purchase, with very short notice, before I picked the car up.

Brad was a huge help in helping me dispose of my old car on my lunch hour. It had pretty much been buried in the snow and he had it all ready to go with a cardboard box ready for me to clean it out and transfer my belongings from one car to the other. Even giving me rides back and forth to work were never a problem and I never had to wait. Truly astonishing service! Awesome!

Thanks so much Brad!