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Ted, Rick, Steve:
To summarize the way you handled our family’s recent vehicle concerns: best in class. You exemplify what customer service really means – this is what makes businesses like yours go from good to great. The Subaru of Orillia family is fortunate to have all of you as part of their team. Our family wishes all of yours the best of the season and a prosperous new year.

Karen & Dan B.

As you know we have just purchased our second Subaru Forester from Brad Benson. Once again we received excellent sales from both Brad and Chris. We understand that Brad took the time to come in on his day off to deliver our vehicle and we appreciate this very much. He made certain we were familiar with every aspect of our new Forester before leaving the lot for our enjoyable travel home in our new vehicle. It was difficult handing you back the keys to our 2006 Forester as it had been an absolutely great vehicle through the past 9 1/2 years.

A special thanks to Rick Moore for his personalized service right from day one and to his entire service team for maintaining our first Forester. We look forward to the same level of service with our new Forester. Always being treated fairly and like family made it an easy choice to buy again from Subaru of Orillia. We have recommended others and will continue to do so. Your sincerity in how you treat your customers brings us back and in turn new customers in. Subaru of Orillia defines what other dealerships strive for!

Cathy P.

Dear Brad,
I just have to express my appreciation for the excellent service I received when purchasing my “new to me” Subaru Outback. Salesman, Brad Benson’s service was above and beyond! I didn’t feel comfortable driving my old car to Barrie so Brad let me take the Subaru that night and bring it back the next day. During the worst weather we have experienced so far this winter, Brad had my car cleaned off, warmed up and ready to go when I arrived. He even made sure snow tires were put on my new purchase, with very short notice, before I picked the car up.

Brad was a huge help in helping me dispose of my old car on my lunch hour. It had pretty much been buried in the snow and he had it all ready to go with a cardboard box ready for me to clean it out and transfer my belongings from one car to the other. Even giving me rides back and forth to work were never a problem and I never had to wait. Truly astonishing service! Awesome!

Thanks so much Brad!


Dear Rick,

Today when you and I were talking about why my 2001 Subaru Outback keeps running well, you mentioned that we take good care of it by bringing it in regularly for service. I should have said that it wouldn’t matter how often we brought it in, if we didn’t have great people taking an interest in it and doing good work on it.

Peter joins me in thanking you and the staff for having looked after our car in such an exemplary fashion all these years.

Terry Altermann


I have been a fixed operations manager in the auto sector for over 30 years. You my friend are a breath of fresh air for this business and that it so sorely needs at times. From my observations and from what I have heard in the past, you have consistently shown yourself to be a fine, outstanding individual. You care for others and have given of yourself in so many ways I have lost count. One thing is apparent. You do it because of the person that you are, and not for gain (not that it hurts when it comes though…lol…I get that). So I just want you to know, it is seen….it is noticed…people do really care about what you do and how you do it. They may not always show it but that’s not what it is all about, and you get that. And what’s in it for me to tell you this? Not one thing. And you need not respond to this. But being in this business so long and with the people experience I have, I can spot a man of character, and too often they go unnoticed. So hats off to you sir. Well done!

Jeffery Liu

2017-05-11 Jeffrey Liu Facebook Review

Roberta Wiancko

Roberta W. 5-star review

James Pauk

Hello Mark,
Just felt compelled to commend your staffer Drake Hanninen on the excellent service provided during the recent purchase of our vehicle.His pleasant assistance is appreciated.As a matter of note the entire staff encountered-yourself and Jeremy included- were very helpful.
Thought you’d like to know.
James Pauk

Kate Bailey

Great Service Team!! I was in for service yesterday and Joe and Rick were both easy and fun to talk with! Big shout out to the technician Shawn who worked on my car too! He found a very special item I’d lost in the car on the weekend! Great guys in there! Thank you for the great service!

Jane Spratt

Excellent service today! Arrived without an appointment with an oil filter problem while on the road between Toronto and Huntsville. Service was kind and efficient and we were on our way a lot more quickly than anticipated. Thank you!

Sum G

Purchased WRX 2017 base model (upgraded with several parts; all installed by their technicians). Received guidance for upgrading from their staff and feel my car will run for years with them. Great work and service.

Emma Thomson

I have not purchased a vehicle from this dealership yet, but they were incredible during my recall service. I purchased a used 07 Subaru outback just over a year ago and it had a few recalls sent out. I had been dealing with Subaru Barrie and got left in the lurch with no one ever calling me back to inform me that my car parts had arrived. So I phoned up Joe in the service dept at Orillia Subaru and he got me in without hassle and very quickly. I wasn’t able to get an actual appointment time and was weary when Joe said to drop the car off in the morning and leave it with them for 4 hours or so. I decided to wait at the dealership (as I am from out of town) and was treated wonderfully by all the staff!! While Jeff the master technician worked diligently on my vehicle, I enjoyed a BBQ lunch and the most wonderful customer service from Drake! Jeff would occasionally come and ask if I would like to see what was being done with my vehicle as he had it all ripped apart in the back. Joe and Jeff were teaching me all sorts of things about my Subaru which was just above and beyond!! Thank you to Joe, Jeff, Drake, and the whole staff at Orillia Subaru. I will 100% be purchasing a car from you guys in the future!!

Brad Finch

I live closer to Barrie Subaru but would much rather deal with Subaru of Orillia. Great staff that know their stuff!

Been using this dealership for years

Since 1995, I’ve only owned Subarus, and the Orillia dealership is by far the best I’ve had dealings with (Kingston, Ottawa, Toronto, Bracebridge…). I take the time to talk with the service staff over any issue, and the mechanics are always available to explain any issue. We mostly buy used, so I don’t expect perfectly cheap service. Very few surprises over 20 years.

Dillin Webster

SAVED ME THOUSANDS!!! I took my car here for service, I’m from Barrie, but have heard allot of positive feed back from car friends.. extremely trust worthy, great people, awesome overall experience! I wouldn’t honestly go anywhere but here for Subaru issues…

Andrew Luks

Mark the general manager is a real straight shooter!

Miranda C

In 2013 I bought a brand new Hyundai Elantra GLS in Barrie and it was one of the worst vehicle experiences I’ve ever had. This has meant that my customer service standards have been relatively high now that I am looking to trade in my vehicle. I went into Subaru of Orillia and their sales staff were friendly and helpful and I had no issues. I had the chance to speak to their management team as well; Dane and Mark were both great, very forthcoming about the process and how things would work for me without any pressure. They were very knowledgeable and I would recommend this dealership to anyone! They’ve really made this is a positive experience for me!

M Ryan

A few days ago I purchased a new 2018 Subaru Forester. Compared to some of the other car buying experiences I’ve had, this one was the best. I had already looked at several vehicles on line and had sent the Subaru dealer a request for information. Even though he was off duty, the response from the sales guy was quick. We arranged an appointment for a test drive which was very easy. After the test drive, we has a Q&A secession. The sales guy was patient and answered all the questions very candidly about the pro’s and con’s of the SUV. While the quality of their product was very good it was the conversation with the sales guy that made the difference. I have no hesitation at recommending these guys for your next new or used vehicle, they are amazing.